In 2050 we face the challenge to facilitate 9 billion people with a decent life within the limits of one planet. This leads to many changes within companies, governments and consumers. Here we find numerous issues in the areas of strategy & policy, implementation and external accountability. b2bSustainable supports and advices. The world around sustainability is constantly changing and we are responding by continuing developing our ideas. More and more companies and governments operate more sustainably, develop new market opportunities and take responsibility for the way they operate in. The sustainability awareness grows firmly and with it the demand for our services. With our supply chain audit projects we help companies to the next level of transparency, we provide internal improvement and we challenge customers to the next step in the field of sustainability.

You have an organization which ...

... needs a fully automated audit process with global coverage to be implemented.
... will be carried out a (optional) security or social ethical audits by experienced auditors.
... hires agency workers and you want to know what risks you are at.
... broadcasts employees and you want to know whether you meet the requirements of your customer.
... needs advice and customized counseling for social ethical matters.

b2bSustainable conducts social and ethical audits as core activity, with a report as result, which is usable to judge and evaluate the risks which may affect the operations and image of the company.

Our products and services:
- Social ethical and security audits
- Workshops
- Consulting