About us


Mission - Wherever possible, to assist companies and organizations to sustain both their own business and their supply chain through social ethical audits and consultancy in the area of sustainability.

Vision – To create a safe and healthy workplace for as many workers as possible on this earth, with a fair pay to start off with. Application is done by legislation, labels and management systems. b2bSustainable is helpful in monitoring compliance of both for your own business operations and for your suppliers.

Certifications and accreditations

Our auditors have among others the following certificates and accreditations:
BSCI, CPI, EICC, McDonald's, Nike, SA8000, ISO14001, Tesco and Walmart.

Our team

Henk Palte as CEO very concerned with the welfare and safety of staff in the workplace. He would like to share his years of experience with inspections and audits with those who are receptive to them. He also provides trainings in the field of security and workshops for companies and/or individuals who want to know more about ethical customer programs. Learn more about Henk? Go to his LinkedIn profile.

Emanuel da Costa is our Chief Financial Officer and has a wealth of experience as former financial auditor at a leading international accountancy, which is now being used to assess companies and - if necessary - to assist. With his ISO 14001 certification he is a welcome relief for environmental programs. Learn more about Emanuel? Go to his LinkedIn profile.

Awinash Gangadin used his business background to assist companies in their issues of business. Its quality to be able to explain things clearly and distinctly is highly appreciated by the parties and organizations we work with. Learn more about Awinash? Go to his LinkedIn profile.

Laura Kiemeney is a charming lady who can assess an organization in a short time and can put the finger on the sore spot. With her knowledge, experience and dedication to further assist a company and its employees, it is seen as a welcome addition to meet the requirements of the law and customers. Learn more about Laura? Go to her LinkedIn profile.

Renske Willers is with her curiosity and involvement of great value to be able to assist companies in change and improvement processes. The broad experience gained from previous positions contribute to an open mind and great ability to move into someone’s position. Learn more about Renske? Go to her LinkedIn profile.

Fons Deckers our inspector who has a rich experience with checking goods at home and abroad. His technical knowledge and communication skills are appreciated by all our customers.

Gaby Hoogenstraaten our spider in the web. With her charm, knowledge and quick response she ensures that our customers feel very quickly at home in our organization. She also ensures that all audits, inspections, trainings and workshop applications are planned in a quick manner and she provides our auditors with the necessary information.

Marcella van Zetten is our financial support. She ensures that the financial records up to date and supports all our auditors in bookings and reporting.

We have a fixed number of interpreters and translators in our service who assist our employees in case our services are required with migrant issues.