C-TPAT - Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism

Since the attacks in the US on 9/11 measurements to curb terrorism have tightened considerably, including checks on incoming passengers and goods. Practically translated to, among other things, frequent border controls and more bureaucracy means for international trading businesses additional pressure on precious time and its paired costs.

The US government and the business community have joined each other and developed C-TPAT; a (voluntary and non-certifiable) program to promote safety within the supply chain of importing American companies, which includes the possibility of an accelerated flow at the borders.

Participation in C-TPAT requires design and application of policies and procedures within the organization of both the importer and the other ends of the chain, based on the following priorities:

  • internal selection procedure for business partners (including manufacturers product suppliers and vendors);
  • container security;
  • physical access concerning employees and visitors;
  • safety of (future, current and former) employees;
  • procedural security (integrity) concerning transportation, handling and storage of cargo;
  • physical security of the site;
  • IT security concerning passwords and liability.

By C-TPAT audits above requirements can be monitored on compliance to avoid unpleasant surprises at the border.

As an accredited/qualified independent party b2bSustainable has engaged for many years as an agent/partner to implement these C-TPAT audits worldwide.

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