SMETA - Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audits

SMETA is a broad and universal social and ethical audit program which is used and recognized by a wide range of multinational corporations. During the audit pillars as Health & Safety, Human Resources, Environment and Integrity are addressed. The end result of the audit - a corrective action plan and final report – are easy to upload to the secure and confidential platform of Sedex, an international non-governmental organization. In addition to the cost-saving efficiency the advantage is that a company profiles itself social ethical positively and works on continuous improvement. The company can decide which documents are shared on Sedex.

It is common for multinational to use audit companies to coordinate and implement supply chain audits because of the audit’s scale, which then often becomes re-contracted to local auditors as b2bSustainable. At SMETA there is also the possibility to appoint (external/qualified) auditors, which is done mostly by small and medium enterprises who want to control their own organization and/or their suppliers. Benefits include shorter lines, lower costs by not having to switch through an intermediary and the ability to select (local) auditors by yourself.

b2bSustainable has trained and therefore recognized auditors employed by international industry-specific knowledge and experience. As one of the few Dutch audit entities we can - except as a third party - also perform independent audits and upload the report on Sedex, allowing them to be visible to (potential) customers.

In case you are looking for Dutch auditors and/or more information about SMETA, you can reach us by phone, or enter your phone number and/or email address. We will contact you within 24 hours.